Hate Disneyland Lines? 5 Tips to Reduce (or Avoid) Wait Times in 2018

Hate Disneyland lines? Avoid them!Hate standing in Disneyland lines? The attraction lines sometimes are a real bummer. Especially those Disneyland lines that are longer than 20 minutes. Standing around and politely waiting for your turn can be frustrating, but there are ways to decrease Disneyland lines wait times. In 2018, the Disneyland lines have grown again. More and more people are enjoying the theme park!!!

How Long are Disneyland Lines?

Disneyland lines are everywhere in the park. Primarily, you will find yourself in line for an attraction, to buy food, watch any entertainment and sometimes even to pick up a FASTPASS. As bad as that might sound, it all depends on several variables to determine how long are the Disneyland lines.

Of course, during weekends, holidays and special events the lines are long. It’s also busier during certain times of the day too.

How to Avoid Disneyland Lines? 5 Tips to Reduce Waiting Around

  • Plan your entire trip during off peak times. The summers are crazy busy at the Disneyland Resort and in turn, the Disneyland lines are long. In February the lines are shorter. In the middle of October, you probably find the shortest lines ever. If you can move your trip to the off season, expect to see short lines.
  • Plan your day early and late. Early birds get the first place in line. Yep, if you start riding the attractions the minute Disneyland opens, you will be first. Go to the most popular attractions first thing in the morning. Didn’t make everyone before the crowds poured in? Not a problem. Two hours before closing the park’s attendance starts waning (and so do the lines). It’s a great time to get in line.
  • Digitally make the lines disappear. MaxPass is the way to book popular attractions by making Disney FASTPASS selections on your cell phone. It costs, but then again that saying time is money might be applicable here. Your time in Disneyland lines will decrease and you will have a schedule to see as many rides as possible.
  • Skip the Parades. Who doesn’t love a good parade? Or watching fireworks over the castle? That’s an awesome idea, but you might consider skipping it because the lines will be shortest of the day at all the attractions. Where have all the people gone? They are watching the entertainment. Leaving the option to walk right on an attraction during the highlight of the performance.
  • Look for low times. It sounds bad, but you need not to listen to all the advice people offer about Disneyland lines. An attraction might break down and just reopened as you walk by. That’s your cue to rush in and enjoy the ride with standing in line. Keep an eye open for attractions with short lines as you make your way around the park. Nobody can predict the best times for your day (or everyone would be selling it, right?)
  • One other line avoiding tip: Plan to avoid all the lines outside of the park. Buy your tickets before arriving at the park to avoid taking up time at the ticket booth. If you are coming from a hotel, make sure you have the schedule for the free shuttle (or take a taxi as buses always run late). When going through security, make sure your bags are open and ready to search as you walk up instead of waiting until being told to do so.

While Disneyland lines are part of visiting the theme park, you can substantially cut down the time just standing there by being aware of all the option available and then, heading off to enjoy your day!

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