Heckle on live TV? Lack of manners has a price

Live TV shows aren’t typically the place for an outburst. In Hollywood I’ve been to more than my share of wonderful productions and I readily admit there wasn’t once where I wanted to shout, scream or act insensitive to the people performing. Perhaps that’s why I find the latest reward for interrupting Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live so offensive.

Heckling isn’t something anyone should be encouraged to do and when it comes to live TV, it’s insane that anyone would consider such bad manners with the cameras rolling. That’s why the latest reward of $5,000 the Latino Rights PAC is offering is so rude. Who sends in people to be disruptive for cash? Obviously, we all now know that it’s not for a cause, but to actually make trouble. When I first saw the article in Hollywood Reporter, I was aghast. Who thinks of this crap? The magic of television is hard enough for a crew and making sure everyone does a good job is tough enough. Now people need to worry about rogue troublemakers with an agenda? It’s ridiculous.

Live TV manners should be required

There is a certain social pressure that comes with sitting in an audience watching live TV. You want to be part of the moment, but you don’t want to take away from the message. If the camera is focusing on you, it’s important to be having a good time and smiling. Sending people in to be disruptive is nothing short of a hateful way to make a statement.

My strong objection of being disruptive on live TV shouldn’t be viewed as supporting the Republican candidate who snagged a full hour on the popular late night show. I definitely don’t have a political opinion on that. My concern is morons who offer up cash to play to the cameras need to be held accountable. Typically it is the person who creates a scene who is escorted out of a TV show. If this happens, let’s hope NBC goes after the people posting the bounty as this type of action could effect the regular shows in Hollywood especially if someone gets away with it.

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