Hollywood Boulevard characters make visitors happy

Hollywood BoulevardGuests and visitors have been braving the hot and humid weather in Hollywood to check out the sights and sounds of the entertainment industry all summer long. This year guests are privileged to get the chance to see some of the most interesting characters come alive walking Hollywood Boulevard, especially in front of Hollywood and Highland Mall. Driving by this morning, I was reminded just how many characters there are in Hollywood during the summer.

There are always the typical characters walking around meeting tourists. In fact for just a couple of bucks people can take pictures with characters like  Snow White or Captain Jack Sparrow, both of which look like they just walked out of the movie. However, the character scene appears to have increased with all the new comic book heroes walking around Hollywood Boulevard. The big blockbuster movies seen at the theaters are offering up a whole new set of characters walking the streets. Captain America, Iron Man and even the Incredible Hulk are wandering the street looking for visitors to take snapshots with.

There is nothing short of bewilderment seeing Zorro crossing the street at the El Capitan Theatre crosswalk with other pedestrians. Or watching Spider-man chat with Dora the Explorer (both characters appeared to be taking a break from all the picture taking.) It appears anything is possible when it comes to life in Hollywood.

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