Hollywood Burbank Airport gets a surprise: Navy fighters stop by

Two Navy fighters made a stop at the Hollywood Burbank Airport last week to the surprise of people using the airport and the locals who live (and work) around the area. As the airport is an everyday location for people to use, the chance to see Navy fighter jets was a surprise.

The Navy Fighter jets, two F-18 Super Hornets, might have already had their orders, but the chatter around the area had people thinking there was a movie being filmed at the airport. It’s one of those “Hollywood” things that people assume when seeing something out of the ordinary. In fact, people become so desensitized that many of the strange things seen around Los Angeles and Hollywood are chalked up as everyday occurrences.

For locals it is not surprising to see an occasional strange creature, vehicle or thing in the middle of the city. It usually is followed by a typical film crew. The Navy Fighter jets had people thinking pretty much the same thing. Then the reports on the local TV news startled the masses as these planes didn’t have a Hollywood connection.

Hollywood Burbank Airport was known by another name

Fans of Hollywood might not know that the Hollywood Burbank Airport isn’t that close to Hollywood. The former name of the location was Bob Hope Airport, but this name didn’t offer up a location value to the airport. The name was changed to better represent the area and hopefully draw more travelers to the location.

Airport name aside, it’s obvious the arrival of the Navy fighters reminded everyone that the airport is open for business and ready for about any aircraft, including the military. No doubt there was a herd of photographers waiting for these jets to depart to take some amazing pictures to share with the world.

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