Hollywood emoji love: Films, TV shows & award shows offer emojis

A new TV show? A film premiere? Hollywood emoji love is in full swing. It’s become a standard in the entertainment business and there won’t be any apologizing. Almost everything that is released or is part of a major event has a Hollywood emoji attached. So what is this emjoi? It’s that cute little icon at the end of a word reflecting on something that has importance. Or at least should have importance.

Are Hollywood emoji moments replacing hashtags?

A Hollywood emoji is an identifiable moment for any fan to appreciate. It’s the new way to connect fan bases, special events and even moments in time. Not everyone can get an emoji right now, so it’s even more valuable than a typical hashtag used on social media. Apparently to get an emoji created it costs big money and then there is the issue of finding people to use it!

Add that a Hollywood emoji sets the message apart from the words and there is an added advantage to seeing this little icon next to a word shared on social media. It connects people in a very visual way and it’s readily ready to congregate the masses

In 2017, we should expect many more Hollywood emoji moments. The Golden Globes have already claimed their emjoi and it’s awesome too. The other award shows are going to follow. Add any upcoming TV shows and reality shows too. It’s going to be trendy in 2017 and there is nothing you can do about it.

The one thing that should be acknowledged about Hollywood emoji fever is Kim K. She should be thanked as she really got the ball rolling on this idea of using emojis online and it’s going to be around a really long time. Now, people are trying to see if they can have an emoji for everything

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