Hollywood ghost town feeling: Christmas is upon us

The Hollywood ghost town feeling definitely is present this year. As Christmas quickly approaches, the town is quietly shutting down so families can get together for the holiday season. The winding down didn’t just abruptly start though. The holidays always offer up a big push at the beginning of the month then it just suddenly dies down with people escaping to their hometown to celebrate the holiday as they so choose. The opportunity to share this special time is short as there is another holiday to consider.

As wonderful as it is to see less traffic and fewer pedestrians, there is also a hollow feeling present. Perhaps it’s because all the buildings are seen, but the hustle and bustle of the people aren’t there leaving you wondering where everyone went.

The Hollywood ghost town feeling has been captured quite well over the years when it comes to different movies, but seeing it in person is quite special. It reminds everyone that the magic of Hollywood is all about the people who work here. They not only put it together, but they make it happen. It also reminds you that the best place to steer clear of is the malls.

Are the malls mirroring a Hollywood Ghost Town? Nope!

The malls in Southern California are extraordinary. Big, beautiful and over the top with some of the areas having hundreds of stores. This year, like in past years, the place to shop is the malls. Of course it sounds quite trite to say that you are going to shop at a mall for the holidays, but it’s about the only place you can go to get all your shopping done in one place. Especially if you are worried about parking.

The images of malls in the entertainment capitol of the world isn’t one of a Hollywood ghost town. Instead you will find people roaming parking lots for hours looking for a spot and people sharing holiday greetings as they walk by.

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