Hollywood goes 3D: New 3D movies offer a visual depth to stories

Next time you sit down at a movie theater, don’t be surprised if you have to pay a few more bucks for the seat and the story envelopes you. The technology is growing in Hollywood and with this expansion of knowledge, the films are getting bigger, better and more lifelike. The reality of life is offered in 3D movies and it’s becoming extremely popular.

Remember as a kid the opportunity to see 3D was given when you put on a pair of crazy looking glasses and focus intently on the screen to see things pop out at you? The amazing technology has been perfected to offer an experience an adult would appreciate.  With today’s technology, there is no doubt that you won’t need to be seen in the ridiculous prototype eye wear and the 3D movie stories should be engrossing and intriguing.

This latest transformation in the movie theater might be essential for movie studios to keep one step ahead of the competition. It’s going to be virtually impossible for Netflex or Hulu to offer this experience at home. Leaving people the option of watching just a simple program or going to the theater for an experience.

It’s almost imperative to suggest that this idea of 3D has already played out and done very well for the Walt Disney Company. Disneyland and Disney World offer short 3D and 4D films that grab the guests attention and people travel to the theme parks just to enjoy the experiences. Having the 3D films play in theaters around the country will give film lovers another reason to enjoy stories and only be a few minutes from home!

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