Who in Hollywood is going to the Presidential inauguration?

Four years ago Beyonce pretended to sing at the Presidential inauguration and the world watched in awe. My how the times have changed. In 2017, it appears that you couldn’t pay a celebrity to show up to the upcoming Presidential inauguration. Famous faces won’t be participating or watching from the steps in Washington. In fact, it appears this full on boycott is quietly in action as famous folks keep declining the invites.

Who will be at the Presidential inauguration?

There will be folks at the Presidential inauguration, not to worry. Former President Jimmy Carter is coming and Radio City Rockettes will be in the building. While the rest of the world watches, it appears that Hollywood isn’t budging as going to be career suicide for anyone who is famous. Maybe a few of the stars will soften in the next month, but don’t hold your breath.

Politics in 2016 divided the nation. And it divided Hollywood. Oddly, it is the candidate with Hollywood showmanship that has everyone upset too. This makes the idea of going almost counterproductive if you live in Hollywood. Yet, as the rest of the country knows, it is still history in the making.

Obviously, the past presidential inauguration was the exact opposite. Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson and others dominated the news. Then the outpouring of controversy when it was revealed Beyonce was too busy to rehearse she so lip-synced her performance. Who could forget all the hoopla of what the FLOTUS wore and how Obama’s kids looked? It was a program that was full of pageant moments and every network carried it.

Fast forward four years and just regular people are planning to show up (so far). Hopefully someone in Hollywood will be at the event. If for no other reason than to represent tinsel town in some capacity. After-all, just like funerals, conferences and other events, it’s only proper to send a representative to show your respect.

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