Hollywood is off for the holidays

hollywoodIt’s Friday afternoon and the freeways are jammed. Frankly, it is worse than any other typical Friday as people are throwing their suitcases in the car and heading out of town. As Christmas is only six days away, the draw of spending time with the family has people looking to make the most of the holiday. It’s fair to say that Hollywood is mostly closed for the upcoming holidays.

As the Christmas and Hanukkah holiday fall on the calendar closely, the whole week has been littered with last minute efforts before everyone heads out. Some folks will take a full two weeks, but most people will be back to work before the New Year’s Eve celebrations. As viewers will see when they watch some of the specials on December 31, many of the musical performances are taped weeks ahead of the show, but the live shows require extra help to make a smooth television program.

For the most part, people will be back at their desks way before the New Year celebrations begin and then take a few more days off right after the big event. It’s a very special time of the year as people get together with family and friends to celebrate the season, but for all technical purposes, Hollywood is off for the holidays.

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