Hollywood hoopla: President Obama is coming

President ObamaPresident Obama is expected to arrive in Hollywood between now and Wednesday night. Being he is the commander in chief, there are never any particular details released about his schedule, but people know he is coming. Plus there is buzz that he will be guest for Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show. Don’t expect confirmation though as this interview hasn’t been officially announced, only the fundraising events and a speech are confirmed.

In Hollywood you don’t need confirmation to know President Obama is coming to town. The helicopters have been out watching the skies and the security is beefed up everywhere. He’s coming, but what he will be doing is anyone’s guess.

Living in Los Angeles it sounds almost impossible to have a brush with the man who takes care of the free world. Unless you are invited to the fundraisers, you aren’t going to get to talk with the man (of course, my invite always gets lost in the mail.) Yet, you could be stopped by his motorcade and it is quite a sight.

With the string of vehicles escorted by the police, I have seen him zip by more than once on the freeway and drivers get starstruck. It’s impressive how the motorcade rolls by in an orderly fashion. The president stops traffic to get where he needs to go. Mostly because the police clear the lanes, but also because it is so crazy to see the president of the United States driving by in Los Angeles that you have to look.


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