Hollywood July 4th fun; fireworks over Hollywood Bowl

FireworksHollywood has its own brand of fun on the July 4th holiday and it is really quite similar to the rest of the world. While thousands of people are expected to crowd the Hollywood Walk of Fame during the day, it appears that once again the city area will be celebrating the big holiday just like the rest of the country with fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl. Nothing that big is planned as there is no live filming of fireworks in the sky.

The idea of a big bash for a holiday usually doesn’t happen on the day of the event in Hollywood anyway. While the magic of television comes through the screen, almost all major holiday celebrations are taped weeks in advance. This includes the Christmas Holidays parades (taped in late October,) the New Year’s Eve concerts (taped in early December) and other big events.

So why does Hollywood celebrate early? One word: editing. The chance to tape an event and then slice it together to be enticing television takes time and the final production usually needs a substantial amount of editing to include different camera shots, add music and other small details to make a perfect show.

In Hollywood usually people get the chance to see the spectacular fireworks over the famous Hollywood Bowl. However, Los Angeles is a big city so there will be plenty of fireworks displays blowing off on July 4th. And if you find yourself busy on July 4th, one could always rush down to Disneyland any night in July and catch the fireworks display over the castle.

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