Hollywood in June: Entertainment capital of the world

The entertainment capital of the world is getting busy. It’s June in Hollywood is already seeing an abundance of visitors. Coming from all parts of the world, people are taking their vacation in Southern California and brushing up on their entertainment enjoyment in the process. The uptick of the people has been subtle over the past few weeks. School is out. The outdoor temperature is rising. People are having the desire to get out and enjoy life. Truly there is no better place than Hollywood.

Enjoying the entertainment capital of the world

In 2017, the opportunity to explore and see more in Hollywood is bigger and better than ever. Not only are there new attractions to see, the theme parks like Universal Studios and Disneyland have really focused on offering new attractions. Even the shopping areas around the big parks have grown with more mini excursions that include things to see, do and eat. There seems to be nonstop variety too. Recently I ran across some guests who were serious foodies and came to LA to check out the variety of vegan food available. Looking for new ideas and hoping to enjoy the best of the area, the couple had a list of restaurants they planned to visit.

Do you enjoy a nostalgic bar theme?

Lately it’s been the nostalgic bar themes that have popped up all over Los Angeles. The short term establishments are more of an evening affair that combines pop culture and food to willing guests who want to talk about movies, entertainment and television. Offering memorabilia to see and honoring dishes seen on film, the fun idea allows fans to be creative. This latest trend is one of several that brings guests enjoy the entertainment capital of the world. The other big trend? Pop up stores for musical groups. These popular establishments are open for a short time and sell items exclusive to a star, band or movie. Typically, both types of place will have long lines, require reservations or have a last minute opening. Finding out requires strong social skills so you can find out first through your friends or social media.

Of course there is always the beach

If the entertainment capital of the world seems to be a bit crowded fans can always head to the beach. A short distance from Hollywood and it’s definitely where locals go as it is SoCal’s paradise.

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Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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