Are Hollywood and Los Angeles the same thing? Fans, visitors wonder

Have you every wondered are Hollywood and Los Angeles the same thing? This question is not uncommon when it comes to visitors checking out the city. Or even the guests who consider coming to the area. It’s asked more often than not actually. Frankly, it’s one of the situations where people might be thinking a little too much (or not enough depending on how you look at it.)

Are Hollywood and Los Angeles the same thing? Yes and no.

There is, technically, no city of Hollywood. It’s considered a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California. It is the area were you can cast your eye to the hills and see the famous Hollywood sign. The location where you can stroll around looking at the Hollywood Walk of Fame that offers hundreds of stars on the sidewalk too. While you might be tempted to think this is it’s own city, technically it’s not.

If you ask anyone who doesn’t live in the area about Hollywood, nobody usually thinks it’s Los Angeles. Showcased as the entertainment capitol of the world, it might be a bit odd to think about too. Hollywood a neighborhood of LA? That sounds too real, right?

Even the Star Tours aren’t in Hollywood

If you drive it, they will come. Of course I’m talking about the Star Tours. Buses cruise around the streets of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Most of which start in Hollywood. Which is why guests believe they are still in Hollywood. There isn’t much difference as it’s all Los Angeles.

The question of why Hollywood never been a city might be even more interesting. There never seemed to be a definite push to make this area it’s own incorporated area. It’s surrounded by Los Angeles and unlike other areas such as Culver City, it just never materialized into a township. Which seems really weird when one considers how people think about Hollywood. In fact, there isn’t just one area of Hollywood, there are three. The central area of Hollywood, West Hollywood and North Hollywood.

Hollywood is a place where the magic of movies and TV is found

All of the Hollywood area is part of Los Angeles, but you won’t hear that on an award show. It’s live from Hollywood. Never live from Los Angeles. It’s also one of those assumptions locals make living here. It’s the magic of TV. The excitement of movies. And a glimpse of life that stars lead in the area. Call it what you might, it’s still the best place to be entertained. And to relive some of those special moments we have all seen on film.

Which leads me to say that it doesn’t matter how are Hollywood and Los Angeles the same thing. Thanks to the lights, camera and action, Hollywood will stand alone when it comes to entertainment.

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