Hollywood mobile games: Are celebrities on your cell phone?

Hollywood mobile games might be the next big thing for entertainers looking to make money. The idea was a breakout success for Kim Kardashian who made thousands of dollars with her image being used on the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Now the creators of the game, Glu Mobile, are looking for more stars interested in having a game about their lives.

Fans placing themselves in the shoes of entertainers isn’t anything new. Whether visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame or playing a game on the cell phone, the idea of being someone else does offer a way to escape from the everyday routine.

Apparently the success of Kardashian’s Hollywood mobile game has other celebrities looking to cash in on their brand too. Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and other stars have been inking deals to have a game of their own. Able to sell the mobile game to fans, friends and even concert goers, this is a great way to increase their brand name and make money.

Most mobile games have upfront expenses, but once the programming is done there only needs to be upkeep. Perhaps that is why entertainers are so interested in having their own mobile game. The initial outlay of cash means they have to repeatedly sell the same game again and again, but with all the in-game sales and continuous downloads, they could make a small fortune.

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