Hollywood parties: Oscars, Grammys offer big celebrations

Hollywood parties are the big thing in February. If you are looking to see your favorite celebrity (whomever that might be) the chance to see one is just outside the entrance of Hollywood parties. With glitz and glamour about to spill out to the streets of Los Angeles, there is no doubt the excitement is notching up.

Which Hollywood parties are the best?

Let’s be honest, the Hollywood parties are going to be cranking over the next few weeks. Stars who were expected to be at the presidential inauguration parties last month bailed. This was an obvious response since many of the views didn’t align with the current administration. So for at least a month, the party goers have been stirring. This means ALL of the Hollywood parties are going to be off the chain. Literally. Off the hook because this will be the first time people in the business get together this year.

The Grammys and the Oscars always throw epic yearly celebrations, but this year expect bigger and better. Blowing off that penned up steam is going to showcase a fun (and perhaps crazy) look at the award shows along with the stars.

With so many Hollywood parties, the paparazzi are calling in the backup photographers to help. You know those people, the ones who have real jobs and love the chase of the celebrity, but realize the profession is too unstable when raising a family. Those folks will be out too. Frankly, this might include anyone with a cell phone who is waiting to wait at a particular location to watch for celebrities as technology has gotten so advanced.

If you have an invite for any of the Hollywood parties, make your way to Hollywood. It’s going to be a great year for the party scene after the award shows. Missing it would be a big shame!

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