Hollywood pets: Famous dogs, cats make 2016 their year

Hollywood pets might be a big draw in 2016. Grumpy cat probably doesn’t care that the New Year arrived, but his owner might and so will every pet lover who wants to watch how pets are part of our world. In the upcoming year the idea of animals taking the big screen has been hyped with Kung Fu Panda 3, Zootopia and The Secret Life of Pets along with other big animated films. Even The Angry Birds are coming to theaters in 2016.

What has made 2016 a big focus on Hollywood pets? Well, it didn’t happen overnight. Many of the exciting movies slated for release have been planned for a while. It’s one of those things that Hollywood brings to the world with an overall message. Do you remember that 2014 was all about faith based movies? So this happens every so often and it gives people a theme to enjoy when heading to the movies. Of course, if you don’t like pets or animals, many of the movies might just be annoying.

The draw of animals and Hollywood pets definitely is timeless. The fans love to be entertained and reflect on how animals might live, even it they are just animated. Add that there are so many stars who have famous dogs and cats, and it seems that the interest won’t be denied, even if the animals are real.

Who are your favorite Hollywood pets?

Everyone has their favorite star and there is no doubt there are favorites when is comes to Hollywood pets. It could be Grumpy Cat or Taylor Swift’s cat, but these famous four-legged animals are definitely attracting attention. Of course, they probably don’t care whether or not they are famous just as long as they are fed and loved. In fact they probably will be watching any number of the animal films coming out later this year on DVD and hogging half the couch with their owners.

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