Hollywood politics: Why some stars don’t publicize their opinions

Hollywood politics have been loud in 2017. Celebrities are weighing in about their personal beliefs and making their opinions known. It didn’t used to be this way in Hollywood. In fact, it was the exact opposite. If you look back 20 years ago, it was a painstaking endeavor to keep star’s opinions out of the public and studios when to great lengths to make it happen. Even today, unless riding the rumor mill, most people don’t know who Marilyn Monroe or Bob Hope voted for. They defined their public lives so well that most fans didn’t even have the courage to ask. Their personal opinions were a private matter.

Hollywood politics are everywhere

In today’s world there is a star on every social media talking about their opinion. Pushing their view and focusing on their political philosophy. Nope, it’s not wrong. America was built on diversity. Yet, it’s somewhat a liability. The reason so many stars in the past didn’t speak out was that the studios wanted to control their image. It was about selling tickets and pushing movies. A little blip, like supporting the wrong candidate could have hurt a film. Perhaps it won’t today, but the outpouring of stars sharing their opinion has fans a little bit uncomfortable.

Connecting characters with people

It’s becoming nearly impossible to disassociate a star with a character, especially those celebrities who are very vocal. On more than one occasion, I’ve heard people talk about Hollywood politics and suggest they wouldn’t be buying a single or a DVD movie because so-and-so would be paid royalties. Obviously, they didn’t like the celebrity’s political point of view. Asking around, I’m truly surprised at how many people actually do connect the person with the performance. At some point, this will cut into profits. Maybe it already has. Keep in mind the pool of fans is much higher than 50 years ago, so it would not be a substantial, but it could be what makes or breaks a project who is riding the line.

Is there a balance?

Frankly, it is impossible to determine if there is a balance when it comes to Hollywood politics. It feels rather intense lately. All these opinions coming at fans from every direction. While every voice is important, the choice to be louder and use star power magnifies the message. It also can put a career in jeopardy, if, the opinion isn’t popular. Finding a balance is a project in motion. So far, it hasn’t happened. And that’s why there are a handful of stars who still don’t make their personal political views known. Instead they focus on their craft and use their star power to help charities.

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