Hollywood popcorn? Celebrities make interesting investments

What does Hollywood popcorn taste like? Well, it might not be what you expect, especially if Scarlett Johansson is making the batch. As the world has seen, celebrity and famous people are making tons of cash offering up endorsements. Yet, there are those folks who want to do more and are willing to roll up their sleeves and make it happen.

That’s why the idea of Hollywood popcorn is so interesting. Obviously Scarlett Johansson isn’t making popcorn in Hollywood, but the premise of gourmet popcorn served to the masses in Paris at a specialty store has a Hollywood quality. Fans flock to theaters around the world in hopes to see a good movie and grab a handful of delicious kernels. It’s the Hollywood popcorn influence that really counts and it’s an interesting investment.

Hollywood popcorn: Stars want to be involved

This isn’t the only celebrity who is looking to make a difference in their own unique way. Stars have opened websites, sold unique products and offered up ideas that might not otherwise be of interest. Take for example, Marie Osmond. When she talks about her gym products and how she uses these tools to lose weight. She is very clear she is part of the product and not just a pretty face talking to endorse the item.

Of course Hollywood has a number of stars still looking to make a few bucks endorsing items, but that is the old way of business. In today’s world, the uniqueness of having a specialty item will entice fans further.  The idea of representing a cosmetic brand, a shampoo or even a perfume has become old hat as fans want to know if the celebrity is invested in the item or just collecting a paycheck. That’s why the focus of Hollywood popcorn isn’t as extreme as one might think. It’s a connection between a star and her fans while making an interesting investment.

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