Hollywood premieres scaled back after Paris attacks

Hollywood premieres are known to be big, but not after what happened in Paris. The entertainment capital of the world is hosting one of the biggest premieres in 2016 on Monday night and it’s going to be a very subtle, not over the top event. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 won’t be full scale and the original plans have been partially cancelled.

On Monday night the red carpet won’t be full of reporters and there will be no questions asked. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this part of the event has been cancelled after the sad news from Paris. Instead there will be the typical announcement and party of the premiere, but it’s being billed as low key.

The fans who love The Hunger Games are still expected to show up and cheer on their favorite actors. Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks and Josh Hutcherson are still expected to greet the fans and share a few moments with the photographers, but there won’t be any intense questions for the final installment of the movie franchise. Filming around the world, including in Paris, the stars probably will mention the situation in France to remind fans to keep the victims in their hearts and prayers.

In many ways this is disappointing for the fans who wanted to have a big moment for the film as Hollywood premieres can make that happen. However, it’s also very respectable for the studios to take a hit by cutting a big part of the publicity machine out of respect for the grief of others. It’s a tough choice, but everyone agrees it is the right decision when considering the current situation in the world.

Hollywood Premieres take a hit

Over the past few years there have been several movies who have decided to cancel or curb the Hollywood premieres due to other news events. This is a difficult call for anyone who has put their time and effort into a project. It’s one of the decisions that isn’t pretty and at the same time is honorable.  The Hunger Games deserves a proper send off and hopefully the fans can find a way to celebrate this movie after life returns to normal.

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