Hollywood Premieres: Summer blockbusters include pirates & more

The Hollywood premieres coming up are going to blow your socks off. Well, they might not go that far, but they are definitely expected to open the door to the Summer blockbusters set to be released in 2017. There is plenty of action, adventure and even a little mystery going down on the red carpet.

One of the coolest aspects of Hollywood premieres is that fan — people like you and me — can enjoy the chance to see some celebrities in the flesh. Yes, the security is heavy. Of course, you could be expected to stand around for a couple of hours. However, it’s totally worth it. Add that it will be a warm sunny Los Angeles day and it’s an adventure not to miss. Fans usually have areas sectioned off from the street where they can stand and watch. Able to see and enjoy, it’s exciting to see the stars come in.

Most Hollywood premieres are fan friendly

The current buzz around the Hollywood premieres has people thinking about the high seas. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is returning and so is the next installment of the movie with Johnny Depp as the lead. As always, Disney does all their Hollywood premieres, complete with the mouse in attendance. Known to be gracious to fans, there isn’t any denying this is going to be a perfect chance to see the epic star in person.

If you’re wondering what other Hollywood premieres are expected to roll out the red carpet, keep an eye on the Hollywood chamber of commerce. Not only do they offer up details about the hand and footprint ceremonies, they also give details on the premieres. It’s not uncommon for the events to have a floating schedule, check social media as well.

There is nothing like attending a Hollywood premiere. It’s the magic of TV and movies in real time. It’s truly an amazing moment that can’t be captured by a camera. That’s why you need to come to one Hollywood Premiere, if just once, to see what it is all about.

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