Hollywood is pretty quiet? Compared to Washington it is

Looking for a juicy scandal? Hollywood is pretty quiet. Look east. Probably safe to suggest look to the eastern seaboard. While some of the most scandalous stories of our lifetime have come from Hollywood, there seems to be a new source of crazy and it’s thousands of miles away. Of course, I am talking about Washington, D.C. and the political climate from the new administration.

Is Hollywood intentionally quiet?

While most eyes are on our Nation’s Capital, it’s not because Hollywood (and entertainers in general) are being silent. The award show season is in full swing. Actors are making extraordinarily strong speeches about our current social activities. Everyone is talking quite loud. It appears nobody is listening at the moment. Many of the messages are being drowned out by the rest of the world. And perhaps even questioned by most fans as well when people start taking sides.

The shock of the silence is quite alarming to the entertainment community. If handing out awards and showcasing fashion isn’t enough to grab the attention of the world single handedly then there definitely is a strong pull to another focus. With the upcoming Grammys, maybe the idea of music (and the arrival of Beyonce) will have people looking toward the entertainment world.

As the days of the new administration might have the spotlight wear off, it’s highly unlikely that will happen for at least a short while. The people of the world seem very affixed on what might happen next. And if that’s not good enough, the people who have the attention seem to keep offering up new things to keep everyone guessing. So when will Hollywood end the quiet nature? Just as soon as the world gets tired of the latest train wreck. To be fair, Hollywood having the spotlight again might be a while as Washington has plenty of news!

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