Hollywood props: A truck full of cars for cop shows

Hollywood propsHave you ever seen Hollywood props? Driving back from Hollywood I was on the freeway and cruising home. After a morning of interviews for international talk shows and I was glad to see the sun glistening as I got to the studio before the crack of dawn. As I was heading home I drove by a peculiar rig that was full of cars. Typically when you see trucks like these, the cars are somewhat the same. Maybe all one  brand or all smashed up they were in accidents.

This was different. None of the cars had license plates on them. Each of these cars looked like they belonged at an active crime scene. The cop cars had fake emblems, the detective cars seemed to be very obvious and then there was a coroner van blazing with a title. It immediately dawned on me that this was a full size truck carrying vehicles used in cop shows or cop movies being moved from one location. Apparently the only thing missing was a crime scene. I sure wish I would have been able to take a photo of this truck, but it impossible as I was driving too fast.

Hollywood props might be useful during the show, but after a successful run on TV or film sometimes the fans will pay top dollar to make it their own. Prop sales are a big business in Hollywood. In addition to actually selling items, the majority of studio lots have prop shops. At these locations you can rent items for a show or movie and return when finished. It’s environmentally friendly than easier than going to the store and buying pieces for a movie only to throw the items away later.




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