Hollywood sign drama: Is it vandalism or a prank?

On New Year’s Day Los Angeles awoke to quite a surprise. The famous and iconic look of the Hollywood sign was changed to “Hollyweed.” At first people didn’t believe this was real. Yep, most thought it was a joke. Well it was a joke, but on everyone in Los Angeles. The sign had been altered over New Year’s Eve and what was seen online and on the news was real.

Hollywood sign changes a prank or vandalism?

Everyone had a good laugh over this change. Well, almost everyone. This isn’t just a good joke, the cops are looking for the individuals who did this. There will be charges as this is vandalism and charges could be filed.

First, let me say it wasn’t me. No really, I am afraid of heights and barely could get close enough last year walking nearby. Plus, I’d be more like changing the sign to “Hollyweird.”

Getting back to the Hollywood sign drama, many folks are wondering just how much damage could be done to face charges. Technically, nobody knows for sure, but it appears from shots on TV news that tarps were used to cover certain parts of the Hollywood sign and make the letters different. The people who did this had to know the road to the top and carry equipment to change the Hollywood sign.

If there isn’t much issue of damage, there is the issue of trespassing. It’s been rumored that dozens of cameras are on the ridge protecting the sign. There is even security. What happened last night wasn’t suppose to happen. Nobody is technically supposed to go near the sign. So being there will warrant a charge. Expect more than one person being detained over this as well. It had to be at least two people, maybe more.

While the argument of vandalism versus prank rages on, the good thing about this sign change is Hollywood is talking about something other than politics kicking off 2017. Even if it is for a few minutes, it is a welcomed change!

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