Hollywood sign tours with a horse? Unique trail rides

Hollywood sign tours with a horse? The area might be an iconic sight, but if you look to the area at sunset (and even on the weekends) you might see horses and riders slowly riding by. The glitz and glamour of the area takes a bit of a backseat when strolling along for a two-hour trail ride that oversees the metropolitan area. It’s probably one of the strangest tours in Hollywood as it combines the fast pace environment with an age old activity.

If you told someone you were horsing around by the Hollywood sign, it’s likely they would assume you would be doing something mischievous. And perhaps that would be true if you didn’t have an actual horse. Guests can mount up and take a ride for under a $100 bucks to see the sign in a slow, majestic sort of way that technically could be horsing around. This isn’t a quick tour or a fast ride, but a realistic idea of how a metro area can offer up something completely not expectant.

See the Hollywood sign on a horse

The pros of riding horses around the Hollywood sign includes avoiding the snakes (yep, they live in Los Angeles too) and getting a unique ride that can’t be compared to a tour bus. It’s rather slow paced too, leaving you the opportunity to embrace the view and share the moment with others.

The cons include that you are riding a horse and not a tour bus. You don’t get to get off at any point and if you haven’t been on a horse for a while, you could be sore after your adventure. The enjoyment that most folks have taking a horse ride around the Hollywood sign can be seen online. People rave about the opportunity. Which is surprising in a way as more people seem to be familiar with the tour buses than the horse tours. Perhaps everyone visiting should do both so they don’t miss a beat!

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