Hollywood smoking: Are cigars, cigarettes returning to movies?

Hollywood smoking over the years has invoked a quiet ban on cigars and cigarettes in films and television, unless it was in time period productions. While the suggestion of puffing on a stick has always been part of the culture it was considered a bad influence for the younger generations. However, now more than ever, there seems to be Hollywood smoking scenes just popping up in different movies.

The one biggest smoking shockers can be seen on Monday nights during “The Celebrity Apprentice”. The opening credits show a star puffing on a cigar and while it’s only a flashing moment, it’s sort of disturbing. It connects smoking with being rich. Right or wrong, it’s a very different way of considering money and power.

Hollywood smoking: Very disturbing

If you haven’t seen anyone randomly smoking in the past week, you obviously live in a bubble. Of course I mean that respectfully. People do smoke in every part of America and that’s just part of their lifestyle. Without passing judgement, it’s just part of what you see in life as you move along in your world. However, when you don’t see smoking for a long time and then come upon someone who is smoking, it’s shocking. That’s probably how Hollywood smoking could be described. Since fans haven’t seen it for the longest of times on any screen, it appears in different settings and it’s extraordinarily startling. One puff and you are crawling out of your skin worried that it’s going to become a “thing.”

Which leads me to my intriguing question: are cigars and cigarettes returning to movies? The pressure to remove these vices from the entertainment world was intense. Perhaps people have eased up to show this without having to worry as much. Then again in today’s world, the biggest word to worry about is the dictionary is “boycott.”

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