Hollywood: Stars, Movies & TV is exactly where I want to be

Hollywood is the mecca of the entertainment world. You don’t need me to tell you that. Just come to the area of Los Angeles and have a look around. Lights, camera and even action are seen in abundance. Hollywood is a rough around the edges at points, but it’s a magical location that brings the best of entertainment to your living room, your theaters and even your computers. It’s also expensive as heck, sometimes offers bizarre situations than any movie or TV show could imagine and full of crazies who are looking for their big break. It’s funny to admit, but I consider myself in the latter category. A crazy who loves to write and feels compelled to stick around and keep trying.

The glitter of the entertainment business is something that few can figure out. Perhaps that’s why there are so few people on top and so many on the bottom. People looking to break in the business take on odd jobs and show up for every event they can to make new connections. It’s always that one “big break” that everyone is searching for. An odd moment that resonates with a producer OR offers a viral video that catches the world by surprise. It’s in that moment that you know you have found your break and it’s important to pursue it for all there is.

Over the years the lure of Hollywood hasn’t dramatically changed all that much. Thousands of people come to find their pot of gold. Only a few survive. Many return home after extreme disappointment with only a few staying. Sounds heartless in a way, but the world is changing. What once was a Hollywood exclusive can be done anywhere. Atlanta, New York and even Orlando offer opportunities for people with big dreams in the entertainment world. Hollywood is fighting hard to keep the entertainment charm on the west coast (and it’s working.)

What strikes me as so intriguing is how drawn I was to Hollywood the first time I arrived. And it’s still a stronghold today. There is always room in this town for the fighter, the dream believer and the never giving up fool who wants so badly to be a part of something bigger and offer up what talent they have. Obviously, I’m no actor. And I surely can’t hold a light if my life depending on it. Writing on the other hand is my forte. I love sharing info on characters, talk up a good TV show or movie and dish on what’s happening around town. Not necessarily interested in throwing up gossip, but positive stuff? I love sharing that.

The other reason I love Hollywood? It only snows bubbles. Yep, the weather is fantastic with the only time you might catch a snowflake is when you see it on stage. Of course, that’s bubble solution and it’s the worst when you get it in your eye. So just don’t stare directly into the bubble as it comes to you and you’ll be just fine!

About the author
Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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