Hollywood stars spotted at Universal Studios, Disneyland

Hollywood stars are getting ready to return to work and the influx of celebrities seen around Hollywood is starting to pick up. Yes, the end of summer is drawing near. Of course, some actors and actresses were required to return early for the TCA (television Critics Association) event, but others are rolling back into town as school starts soon for the kids and the studios will be back to work very soon.

Many folks who are visiting Los Angeles now have a chance to see a few famous folks in town and maybe even ask for an autograph. Hollywood stars are always a highlight of any visitor’s trip and now there is a good  chance to appreciate the best of the movie (and TV) business as it gets going again.

What is exciting many fans is the Hollywood stars spotted at the theme parks. In the past weeks, several famous folks were seen at Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland. Eva Longoria even took time to play in the theme parks with her family looking like every other tourist in the park.

Hollywood Stars Need to Get Ready for Work

Another reason celebrities return to Hollywood before the season starts filming is to get ready. Hair, makeup and even exercise routines are important. Stars need to make sure they look the same as when they left before the summer. Add the upcoming award shows in about a month. The importance of looking red carpet ready is a priority for Hollywood stars.

It takes time to look glamorous! With so many Hollywood stars needing to make sure they are camera ready, it becomes a race. The opportunity to get back to work is welcoming and it’s sad. It’s the signal to the world that summer is almost over. The only good thing about this is that this means the fall TV programming is about to start. Thank goodness as everyone is probably tired of reruns!



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