Hollywood stars teach the masses? Online classes offer trendy knowledge

Hollywood’s influence with online classes is massive. If you learned to sing with Usher, understood the concept of writing a movie with Aaron Sorkin, learned to act with Kevin Spacey and then was taught how to cook by Gordon Ramsay, people might think you lived in Hollywood. Or maybe you just got the online courses from these famous folks to learn more.

The business of online classes has always been full of teachers, but recently it has turned to famous teachers looking to cash in on their celebrity status. Knowing that most people would kill for a chance to learn to make famous dishes from Gordon Ramsey, the idea of an online class is worth the $90+ to get the knowledge.

Online classes by Hollywood stars becomes a big trend

The trend of Hollywood stars teaching online classes might not be at full potential yet. Only a couple dozen stars have signed up for online classes. This isn’t a secret new idea either. Quite the opposite. Other stars who work in physical fitness have been doing this for years with hour DVDs. The difference between the mediums is access and time. Immediately available to anyone who pays, people can go at their own pace as they go from short video to short video.

It’s interesting to note that the online classes from Hollywood stars are mostly from older, more established people. That’s not to say that younger stars wouldn’t be interested, but it does show the type of responsibility the stars feel toward helping others. Money aside, many people who reach the moment of fame typically turn around and start helping others to make the world a better place. These online classes do just that with people making the choice on whether or not to participate. The idea is becoming a trend because fans are now just realizing what is available!

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