Hollywood T-shirts: Which shirt represents the Entertainment Capital of the World?

Hollywood T-shirts are some of the coolest souvenirs found on the streets of Los Angeles and have become a must-have item when visiting the area. Visitors and locals alike love the chance to show off their entertainment capital of the world pride. Since the Hollywood T-shirts are available to everyone, there is always the question of which shirt is better and why. This isn’t a small question, mind you, as the shirts represent what is best about the area.

Hollywood T-shirts can be found on every street corner…literally. There are so many types, designs and styles you could spend a day browsing. However, you may still not have made any decisions. Which brings me to the point of why people buy Hollywood T-shirts.

Most of the time a shirt is an impulse buy. Coming to the entertainment mecca odds America, you get swept up in the excitement of the moment. Believe it or not, those moments are represented on almost every shirt out there in some way.

Whether it be a shirt highlighting Late Night With James Corden OR a shirt celebrating Casablanca, it’s available to anyone with a few bucks. From TV to the movies and moments in-between, we can give props to all those moving pictures (big and small) that impacted our lives.

Then there are the more generic, cheaper Hollywood T-shirts offered to brag that you once were there. YOU know the ones. Sold at the every corner for five bucks or so and are so thin that if someone pokes you gently it leaves a mark. Plus the designs are pretty minimal. The word “Hollywood” followed by a plain design that includes a spotlight, a star, or an unidentifiable award. A cute shirt for the moment, but hardly anything more than a pricey car rag after a few washes.

Hollywood T-shirts are quite charming

Next time you come to the area, think about the Hollywood T-shirts you would want to take home. Does it represent a moment where Hollywood impacted your Life? Or did you just want to show off that you came to Hollywood, took a tour and then got a shirt?

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