Hollywood trends continue: Stars spark yellow fashion

Hollywood trends are nothing to question. Whether it is a new movie, a new gadget or maybe a new hairstyle, fans watch to see the latest. So what about a new fashion color? While some people might say that the color of yellow has been around for centuries (and they would be technically correct) it appears new life is being found with celebrities wearing yellow fashion. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Yep, it is and Hollywood’s top female actresses aren’t missing a beat when they walk in front of the paparazzi all decked out in yellow.

Hollywood Trends: Yellow Fashion Forward

It’s interesting to see that the reality stars of Hollywood haven’t embraced this trend as much as stars of TV and films. When out walking around Los Angeles, the bright and bold yellow threads have been seen on stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba and others. Using the yellow to make a statement, the fashion isn’t just a pop of color. In fact, some stars are so bold they are wearing a yard of yellow fashion. Full outfits are all the Hollywood trends. Top and bottoms with the brightness shining through, the design compliments dark or light color hair and makes the individual look happier as they walk among the common folks.

The cool thing about yellow fashion is that it really is light and well, cool. It’s not going to be quite as warm as a black outfit and it’s color sets the individual apart from others when standing in a crowd. Additionally, it’s just a fun color. That’s not something you can say about black threads as the dark color has become just too commonplace. With so much emphasis on yellow fashion, it’s obvious that the world is taking notice. It’s impossible not to notice all the yellow as current tabloids have many photos of celebrities wearing yellow fashion. And the idea of yellow fashion is spreading like wildfire. Next time you stop by a coffee shop on your way to work, check out what everyone is wearing this summer. Don’t be surprised if almost every woman in the cafe is wearing some sort of yellow fashion, even if it is for a pop of color.

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