Hollywood villains: TV shows offer up lovely people to hate

The latest Hollywood villains have been introduced and it appears that 2016 will have more people to hate on TV than every before. It’s not a bad thing that the world has a few evil people to yell at and mock. In fact people sign up to be hated on when it comes to reality television and they are even willing to do stupid stuff to get extra airtime. What is interesting is how this idea has become popular and being put out there by Hollywood for the summer shows.


Apparently there are more people than ever to love than hate in 2016. It’s weird in a way, but fans seem to embrace this idea of picking people apart. It’s great promotion for a TV show too. People tend to tune in to see what happens to those personalities they like AND hate. It’s an interesting concept that many might not necessarily agree with, but find easy to pile on.

Hollywood villains are pretty normal in real life

There is no reason to worry about a long term impact of negative people. While some folks get real upset about the idea, Hollywood villains are just fulfilling a role that they are hired to do. They get cash and the fans get entertainment. It really does work out for almost everyone. It works especially well for the entertainment business.

Recently I was on a red carpet and met one of the upcoming “villains” for a reality show appearing in just a few weeks. Introduced by the PR people as one of the evil characters, it got me thinking. People — not just personalities — decide how they want to be portrayed by friends and family. Along with strangers. Then, they start acting a certain way to impress this idea.

In retrospect, after meeting these folks, I have to say that I am going to avoid meeting anymore Hollywood villains. I see them as nice individuals doing their job. That’s the last impression reality stars want people to give off as they have a season of evil coming up and it blows the whole built up hateful personality.

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