Hollywood work slowly returns: Holidays are over, stars go back to work

It’s 2017 and the Hollywood work schedule is slowly getting back to normal. There always has been a lull when the entertainment world shutters for the holidays. While not everyone leaves town during the double holiday, it’s safe to suggest that most people did (or at least stayed home and enjoyed their time off.)

As the eventful family days are coming to a close, the buzz around Hollywood is starting to pick up. The listings for extra work are starting to come out, the actors are being stalked by paparazzi (sorry guys) and the TV shows are returning with new episodes. Yep, it seems almost back to normal.

Hollywood work makes stars return home.

The Hollywood work will really ramp up within the next week. It’s time to get back into the saddle and there will be a strong push to make it happen. Of course, there will be breathers between all the crazy work. Just in case you forgot, we are now starting award season. And that’s a good thing too. Many people who typically wouldn’t be in Hollywood will be coming to attend these amazing shows and do work while in town.

While many people come to LA for the summer, if you are visiting now (until mid February) it’s possible to have more selfies with famous people in these few weeks than ever. Of course, you need to go about it politely and ask to take a few pics, but it is surely possible and most stars will offer up a smile without a worry.

If you are looking to meet a star (whether it be on a street corner or at a venue) this is the prime time of the season. Los Angeles will be the celebrity focus of the world over the next three weeks. It will provide the best opportunity to get an autograph, check out a set on the streets of Los Angeles or just meet someone famous for a selfie.

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