Hollywood’s Celebrity Twitter Downfall: Why stars get pelted on social media

The list of Hollywood’s Celebrity Twitter downfall continues to grow. The sad realization that the short messaging of words by famous folks could be their biggest downfall is quite surprising. And this Hollywood trend probably isn’t going to end.

Being P.C. or politically correct isn’t a new concept for most of us, but Hollywood seems to have hit an impasse. It appears the stars are yielding to this new idea of saying things that aren’t too controversial. Gone are the good old days when saying something was only heard in a room. Now the world can hear (and see) it almost instantly.

Celebrities have always used their star power to help others. Getting involved in charities is the perfect example. Not only do a number of folks offer their voice to get much needed exposure, but they donate cash too. The social media aspect offers an additional realm to what could be beneficial. Unless the public becomes offended.

Celebrity Twitter downfall: Why?

Hollywoods celebrity Twitter downfall offers an aspect that even the biggest media consultant a challenge. Some of the ridiculous things that celebrities say could be earmarked as stupid. Yet, most of the social media frenzy around comments aren’t so obvious. It could be the way someone holds a cup in a picture, suggests a color or even forgets to add something when acknowledging life.

It’s just an odd and weird frontier on the social media aspect of life. Hollywood, more than ever, is feeling the wrath of not being socially acceptable in an instant, in a very strange sort of way. It could only take moments before a downfall is in full swing for a star, on Facebook or Twitter. Leaving everyone asking if the world is a bit too touchy in judging what is and is not PC. Of course, it is. Then again, that’s what makes it interesting watching Hollywood so closely.

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