Hollywood’s golden era: Why America looks back at this amazing time

Hollywood’s golden era has been highlighted quite extensively over the past few months. It’s not surprising at all to see a story about this time period or an opinion on how this era was the best so far. While some might argue that contemporary Hollywood is the best yet, the pressure of today’s current society has people looking to escape. What better place to go than sifting through the memories of Hollywood’s golden era?

Hollywood’s golden era: Stories offer a different look

The stories seen on the screen made a lot of assumptions. One of today’s biggest gripes of the moviegoer is that the story is pushed out in a way that offers every detail. If you were looking to imagine, it was impossible. In Hollywood’s golden era so many of the stories are left unfinished. Or interpreted in different ways. Drawing people from every angle, it allowed people to debate the unknown.

Celebrity discretion was key too

One of the best things about Hollywood’s golden era is that discretion was key. Yes, there were scandals and stories, but rarely (if ever) things were confirmed. This left people making assumptions and using a grain of salt with everything they heard. The privacy of the entertainer’s life was far more emphasized and people didn’t snitch about things to be popular on social media.

More importantly, the star power of celebrities was used to help others and push social issues in a much quieter way. Remember when George Michael passed recently and it was revealed he gave millions to charity in private? That was a common practice in Hollywood’s golden era and few stars showcased their wealth, but not too many and they definitely didn’t post photos of wads of cash anywhere.

Hollywood’s golden era is a wonderful time to explore when it comes to the way entertainment once was presented. It’s depth is amazing, plus the talent and creativity is awesome.

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