Hollywood’s Halloween impact: Films create character trends

Hollywood’s Halloween impact is quite impressive. People will spend hours waiting in line to check out the Universal Studios haunted house which is themed similar to horror movies and scary television shows. Fans are also willing to create themed parties based on those same entertainment specials for their friends and family. It’s a perfect way to connect with other fans who have seen the movies and television shows too.

Hollywood’s Halloween impact for costumes

The biggest Halloween impact has to be the costume aspect of the holiday. This year people are going crazy over Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. This fictitious character is getting more interest than her counterpart, the Joker, but he isn’t doing all that bad either. Characters, both good and evil, seem to be getting a lot of looks when it comes to dressing up.

Fantasizing on how they might hand a situation in the movie differently (or maybe the same) the opportunity to dress up just like the favorite character really is quite special. From the little details like the type of hair, to the over the top costume, it’s really quite charming to see what the world comes up with.

The weird thing about Halloween impact from Hollywood is how different the kids are from the adults. While the adults might be thinking about Captain America, the kids are considering the Smurfs. There is such a difference in how they act too. Most kids who dress up as one of the Hollywood’s Halloween impact costumes know the lines of the movies word for word. Last year I heard dozens of kids recite lines from the Lego movie and it was impressive.

So what are you going to be for Halloween? Your decision might be as easy as turning on the television to see what is on and figuring out what character appeals to you!

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