Hollywood’s high humidity is a star’s makeup nightmare

High humidity causes makeup issuesThe odd weather in Los Angeles and Hollywood is definitely something to note. This year the premieres and celebrity events held outdoors has been strangely uncomfortable. The scorching heat and unusually high humidity has changed up how celebrities walk the red carpet for events. At the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards red carpet (technically it was a blue carpet) on Sunday night, the stars were very cautious on their cosmetic choices to make sure they look good.

The majority of the picture taking was done indoors so it was far more comfortable, but even so, when the celebrities started walking through the doors, the first thing people pulled out was their compact mirrors. High humidity is a nightmare for anyone who wears a ton of makeup. Add that you want to look your best for the paparazzi and the situation is a nightmare in the making.

As the audience around the world might notice, the use of cosmetics by celebrities has decreased over the past four weeks and it’s not because they want to go without. It’s because of the weather. The typical look is harder to achieve when there are beads of sweat on the face. The special makeup isn’t staying in place on the faces. This issue adds an extra concern for getting the perfect look as nobody wants to be mocked for not having a perfect look.

Another reason for less makeup in this high humidity? The makeup and sweat creates an unwanted shine on those pictures that are sent around the world for fans to see. Allowing the face to look more natural makes it less shiny and that’s important.


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