Hollywood’s oldest actress was 105: Who doesn’t want an amazing career like that?

Hollywood’s oldest actress died on Monday and she was 105. Yeah, you read that right 105. The idea of someone being in the business for this long and keep right on working is quite insane and amazing, all at the same time. Connie Sawyer was born in 1912 and she worked until late 2017 in the business.

Connie Sawyer packed in a lifetime of work in Hollywood

How much did she work? Hollywood’s oldest actress had credits including more than 140 TV and movie credits to her name. That’s absolutely amazing. If you think about it, there are few actors to compare this accomplishment to, unless they are hosts of a variety show. Compare this length of focus and determination to those who are one-time wonders who hit it big in Hollywood and are never heard of again. Sawyer obviously loved the work and found a way to sustain it through the thick and thin.

Hollywood careers rarely last so long

The glory that comes with actors pursuing a Hollywood career rarely pans out. Yes, there are a few big names that rise to the top. Also you might hear of a viral sensation that makes it big for a moment in time. Yet, the idea that one woman made her career by bringing her skills to the set every time is quite unheard of. It’s more likely that someone gets typecast for one particular role, be it TV or movies, and ends up having trouble going beyond that career moment.

Why not famous after working as a character in so many roles?

It’s hard to believe that Connie Sawyer isn’t a household name. She has more credits than more A list celebrities and she definitely has plenty of screen time. Perhaps that’s why Hollywood is so much like the luck of the draw. You can’t predict if you will be famous. Or if you will just work. You can’t even predict if you will make it past that crappy waitress job. All that you can predict is that you have to keep trying and pushing along. And hopefully the cards will fall your way and you become the next big thing.

Connie Sawyer never wanted to be famous. People in the business knew who she was and she was called on for roles that fit her. Apparently she was pretty happy with where she found her work and there is a lot to be said about finding that peace. It’s worth more than any wage could offer. And like Sawyer, you might find yourself doing what you love for years to come.  Frankly, while I never met this individual personally, I sure wish I would have. She is absolutely inspiring!

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