Hollywood’s rush to film TV shows before summer

It’s been 90 degrees in Hollywood this weekend and people are feeling the itch of summer as it slowly approaches. Yes, it might only be the middle of March, but this sign of hot weather has production units for TV shows working later. The sun is perfect for outdoor shots by getting plenty of filming done before the sun goes down. Entertainers are working later and it appears that the industry is pushing up the schedules to film as much as possible.

The weather is also giving everyone the itch to finish their filming projects as summer is coming. OK, it might be a little early to declare summer’s arrival, but the record heat has everyone thinking about their plans after the work is done around Hollywood. The family trips, the fun in the sun and everything else that has to do with time off have been burnt into our minds.

As most fans know, the reason Hollywood has so many productions filming year round is because of the weather. The clear blue skies makes it easier to get to work, film outside and have the perfect setting to do about anything for TV shows. However, nobody really expects the weather to be 90 degrees in March with little to no wind. That technically could be considered a fluke and it’s creating a little cabin fever for those folks ready to hit the road and enjoy life.

With many TV production crews taking six weeks off for summer, right now everyone is working hard and dreaming of their vacations. It’s going to be just as warm in the summer months so the expectation is work hard now and play harder later!


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