Hollywood’s zombies don’t decompose? Sexy zombies cause spats

Hollywood is raising some eyebrows and even a few fingers as the newest zombies are being revealed for the upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off. Technically, no pictures of these hot creatures have been shown, but that hasn’t stopped fans from discussing how a zombie could or could not be sexy. Frankly, the argument of how decomposition comes into play and why flesh must fall off a certain way to look right really has everyone scratching their heads.

Zombies are supposed to offer a rather intense response when it comes to a visual look and scary too. What other creature could have flesh falling off their bones and still chase after you? Which brings us to the possible sexy zombies expected to be seen on TV later this year. Suggesting these creatures will be hotter and attractive is almost an impossible feat as being pretty doesn’t make one scary. Or so people are suggesting.

The funny thing about this spat is people haven’t seen the “sexy zombies” that are being debated. Instead, the fans are putting together images of what might be good looking creatures and still have some zombie qualities and posting the images on social media. Going almost solely off of the idea of what a sexy zombie might look like, this imaginary creature hasn’t hit the television series quite yet and it’s doubtful the audience suggestion and what is seen on TV will be be remotely similar.

It’s intriguing to see that even before the zombies hit the screen there is a massive debate on what look could be possible. Concerned about getting their voices heard, zombie lovers everywhere are discussing (and even a little cussing) on what might be essential for the creatures to appear real. Yet, reality is that in the world of TV, the character development probably already has happened and no matter what the fans are suggesting, the role is already developed and fine tuned for television. Leaving the only thing left to do is see what Hollywood thinks a sexy zombie might look like.

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