iCash: How to Make Money Using Your iPhone or Android

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September 17, 2014


iCash? Get a Job by Using Your iPhone or Android


Unemployed? In college? Want a second job? No matter what your financial situation, making a few extra bucks could be as easy as picking up your cell phone. The latest trend of the job market is booking jobs by using your phone. In iCash: How to Make Money Using Your iPhone or Android, readers can get a glimpse of how technology has enhanced the job market making it possible for anyone to make some cash.

Rolling out of bed and using the phone to map the day before breakfast, people can make anywhere from $25 to $50 a day on simple tasks depending on where you live and how much time you invest in finding work. Free apps offer job listings that give users a chance to grab a paid job and immediately go to the location to do the task. Once the task is approved, the funds (which are predetermined and shared upfront for the job) are electronically deposited. The job can be less than an hour’s worth of work or an all-day affair, as each job is different, the jobs are all over the country and the employer sets the pay.

Booking jobs a cell phone is a great source of income:

  • People could make over $50 bucks a day just by booking jobs on the cell
  • To get a job you need a cell phone – iPhone or Android
  • Cell phone jobs do NOT require lengthy interview processes (you just sign up)
  • Competition to find jobs on cell phones is minimal compared to other venues

“The ebb and flow of life sometimes makes it essential to have alternate jobs,” said Jodi Jill author of the new book iCash: How to Make Money Using Your iPhone or Android. “The range of jobs go from $2 to $62 dollars and are available all over the country. All you really need is a cell phone.”

The new book offers a list of applications that individuals looking for extra work can watch to pick up job. Easier than a newspaper and far more cohesive than an online message board, the chance to get a gig is 99% for some apps as the individuals are immediately hired for the tasks at hand. Solely using the cell phone, the jobs book include taking pictures, video and filling out forms – all on cell phones – similar to tasks people do on social media.

So what can people do for cash? Recent jobs include dropping by a local store and counting yogurt containers. Documenting with pictures that the merchandise looks proper and the labels are facing forward, the employer offered $42 upon completion. Another job recently listed included driving to a location and taking 15 pictures of an address for a real estate buyer who lived outside of the country and wanted to see the property from the street (he paid $62 dollars.)

iCash: How to Make Money Using Your iPhone or Android is a comprehensive list of sites offering the chance to get paid to do different small jobs in your neighborhood. The book is only $4 and can pay for itself on the first confirmed job.


News media: If you are interested in an interview please contact us directly at 323.331.7000. Offering a glimpse at the process of using the apps for work and the chance to talk about the different jobs, the author is available to offer more details.

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Jodi Jill currently lives in Los Angeles with her dog Addo. Sharing her love of books and words, she is a literacy speaker, professional writer and syndicated columnist.

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