International Space Station seen in Hollywood as it flies over

International space stationWhen the International Space Station flew over Hollywood on Christmas, the entire area could see the twinkling star in the sky. In somewhat of a rare occurrence, the ISS can can seen with the naked eye for the next four nights. It’s obviously bigger than any star found in Hollywood and quite a spectacular sight to watch.

Last night on Christmas, I was watching from a bridge sidewalk near the office at 5:52, as the International Space Station came into view. With the intense lighting of the area, I was unsure I would even define what I was looking for as a space station isn’t exactly easy to spot. What I did see, standing out watching the sky, was dots of light that were helicopters, airplanes and even spotlights until the twinkle in the distance caught my eye.

It was a steady twinkle and it moved in a straight line as it made it’s way across the horizon. Shining bright, it only lasted a few minutes, but the moment was remarkable. While I intentionally went to see the space station, the people who stopped and asked me why I was staring into the sky stuck around too. By the time the ISS was out of eye sight there was at least 25 people standing on the bridge watching the sky and cheering on the twinkling star. We were waving too, but it’s doubt the crew saw us from so far away.

On Saturday, the ISS can be seen with the naked eye for almost six minutes and it is expected to be the easiest to spot of all the evening passes. Don’t forget to check it out and don’t worry about possibly missing the ISS as it is bright and is bigger than a full-size soccer field (looking just like a spec to everyone in Hollywood.) You will know it when you see it. Look for the bright streaking star that starts from the north and continues to the south. Depending on the pass, it could be east or west of downtown LA. Check here to find out the exact location to watch in the sky and keep an eye on the horizon.

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