Is Hollywood a real place? A question many visitors ask

Is Hollywood a real place? This summer the crowds of the entertainment fans will flood the streets of Los Angeles looking for the best of the movie and TV business. While many are looking for that big white sign on the edge of the summit, there seems to be a question around the reality of this community. Frankly, while the best of the area’s entertainment business is part of the Hollywood eye, there is so much more entertainment business that is actually surrounding the fancy area.

Is Hollywood a real place?

Studios are all over Los Angeles

The studios that produce a number of great shows, movie and have their corporate offices are all over the place. There are big complexes in Los Angeles, Studio City and even Culver City. Add that the taping of different episodes covers the entire community. It’s not surprising to see the cameras rolling when driving down the street. It doesn’t matter if you are in Garden Grove or Malibu. It’s one of those situations that becomes second nature to the locals.

Is Hollywood a real place?

Hollywood is a community of Los Angeles. It’s not technically it’s own town. Nor is it run by a special government. It has Los Angeles Police Department is keeping the streets safe. There are LA parking meters enforcing the parking rules. Obviously, if you live (or work) in the area you could use the phrase Hollywood just fine on your envelopes and there wouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, there is plenty of glitz and glamour to check out about the entertainment world.

What makes Hollywood a real place?

The reason locals will suggest that Hollywood is a real place is the Hollywood magic it offers. From the first time the cameras beamed out a sitcom to the masses across America it made a name in the world. It’s where people come to enjoy a behind the scenes look of the world locals know as entertainment and it’s a fun experience. It’s also a tightly knit area that offers a community that visitors from around the world could enjoy. Hollywood is a destiny. Perhaps it’s better described as a tourist destiny.

Hollywood where are you?

No matter where I am, there is no doubt my home is Hollywood. The excitement of sharing stories and embracing new worlds will always be in my blood. I could be living across the street from this community (and see the sign out the kitchen window) or across the country on assignment. It’s a place that embraces the best of what programming is available to watch. And those stories could be on TV, digital streams and even on the big screen.

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