Is Hollywood impacting politics? Stars start campaigning

Hollywood impacting the world of politics has always been an interesting combination. It’s a rally call for the masses and it brings people to the voting booths. Which is why this year the division on the different support has been quite unique. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have both found ways to bring young performers to their rallies and people are suggesting this is helping garner support.

How much does Hollywood impact politics?

The closer it gets to the party conventions, the more likely America will see more celebrities. Hollywood is holding off when it comes to the big fundraisers, but that might change too. A few stars like Demi Lovato and the members of Vampire Weekend have been vocal in support, but expect more stars. And with candidates like Donald Trump, who probably has a Rolodex of names and numbers, it’s probably just the beginning.

There is always a risk for a celebrity when it comes to supporting a candidate. The idea of alienating potential fans has to be weighed against personal views. Supporting one candidate over another is a way to lose audience goers and hurt movies. Then again in election years, if the candidate wins, the star has a direct line to the elected official. So technically it cuts both ways and could be a potential risk. The other risk is for the candidate. If the star is too big, the fans will come just to see the celebrity and blow off the message of the politician. It’s one of those weird dynamics.

There is a saying in Hollywood that it is better to support a cause than a politician. That’s why there are so many stars who work with organizations that help the earth, people and even animals. It’s a way to give bad and make a substantial influence without all the worry of teaming with someone who might lose. Of course, nobody wants to lose, but in the end it will happen.

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