Is reality TV finally over? Viewers want quality TV shows

American Idol announced it is almost out the door and many viewers think Dancing With the Stars will be following this path soon. With so many seasons of successful television, it appears that reality shows aren’t grabbing the viewers that once tuned in. Fighting off competition, lack of real originality and even marginal judges might have done in American Idol, but whatever the excuse might be the whispers of other big reality shows to air a final seasons are getting louder.

The homes in America were once filled with drama, stories and laughs coming from the television set. Reality television changed the face of the TV and more people came to Hollywood in search of their 15 minutes of fame. Now it appears that the run of people who once clamored to the camera has gone dry and reality TV isn’t what it once was.

While reality shows like Big Brother and Survivor might have stronghold fans, there is another aspect to consider. Reality TV includes all the shows that follow families, people and individuals who sensationalize their worlds for the cameras. Lately, those shows have gotten too real with criminal aspects that should never happen. In a drama, these would be fine as fake stories, but in real life it’s repulsive.

Reality TV might be slowly slipping away and that’s probably good for most of America. It would be nice to lose yourself in a TV story that offers an escape from the real world. Just like TV offered years ago.


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