Jaden Smith doesn’t like to tweet? Star makes strange admission on Twitter

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith (twitter)

Jaden Smith every once in a while says something on Twitter that makes fans and strangers alike scratch their head and wonder. On Monday night the star obviously got a chance to check out the new Hunger Games movie and his thoughts on the film has everyone intrigued on what he thought. However, before he gave his opinion, it appears that he might have been forced to share it online.

“I Don’t Like To Tweet But The New Hunger Games Is Literally Amazing,” tweeted Jaden Smith from his official Twitter account. The strange message didn’t really help the movie as it looked like someone was putting him up to mentioning the movie.

There is no doubt that the tabloids have picked up Jaden Smith’s words every time he posts and makes a big deal out of his message, but this latest admission is quite odd. If he hates communicating with his almost five million followers then he should shut his account and move on. Making out like he is being forced (or even more so inconvenienced) might be a real turn off. Unless, of course, he keeps it open so he can share his projects and have those people who he is bothered by purchase his brand items.

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