Jimmy Fallon Los Angeles Tickets? LA gets a ‘Tonight Show’ return

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon is coming to Los Angeles this week. Outside of the Super Bowl, this is the biggest Hollywood news this week as viewers, fans and followers of the show ask where are Jimmy Fallon Los Angeles tickets? The tickets o see the hottest late night show is going to be tough to find when he arrives to perform after the Super Bowl this weekend. Trust me, I’d love to go. I would happily do some outrageous prank for a chance to sit in the nosebleed seats and watch Jimmy Fallon do his magic.

We called in search dogs for the Jimmy Fallon Los Angeles Tickets

Search Dogs looking for Tickets

I’ve done some serious searching for Jimmy Fallon LA tickets too. Apparently, the only place that is left to win a pair of tickets is on the KNBC Facebook website. Entering a contest, it is possible to win a pair of tickets for the chance to see the man who now gracefully runs the Tonight Show franchise.

This has really got me thinking about what I would do to watch the show live. My preference to live TV over watching it at home has got my mind on overdrive. Well, I only need one ticket, but I would happily do something odd for fun to get the tickets. I can’t admit to being Jimmy’s biggest superfan because I have seen a few folks who make me feel completely inadequate with all their pictures and autographs, but I do love the show. What would I do? Well, 2,000 face palms (nonstop of course,) walk 10 miles to the studio (no freeways though,) fight my invisible friend and even  wear a silly sign on the side of a street.

Hmm, maybe I am a super fan. And I am still looking under every rock for the Jimmy Fallon LA tickets before he comes to town. Perhaps the Tonight Show drone will drop them off with the illusion that the tickets will fall from the sky.

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