Jimmy Fallon Super Bowl tickets 2018: Are you too late to see Tonight Show in Minneapolis?

Jimmy Fallon Super Bowl tickets are probably as popular as the NFL game on Super Bowl Sunday. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has developed a following of amazing fans who do what they can to see the show live outside of New York City. The draw for the tickets hasn’t been bigger with the wait list filling up faster than you can say “Super Bowl nachos.” The announcement for the Jimmy Fallon Minneapolis tickets went out on social media. It was a quick blast that followed with people signing up almost instantaneously. According to the show, there is even a wait list!

The show that had everyone’s attention was the 4 p.m. show taping on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4. One aspect to the hype is the Super Bowl entertainer, Justin Timberlake. Well-known pals with Fallon, viewers believe that the two entertainers will be coming together in some format to share the moment. How and what might happen is what the fans can hardly wait to see.

Jimmy Fallon’s annual Super Bowl show tradition

Keeping with the time honored tradition of going where the Super Bowl goes, this year’s show had two different tickets available to the fans. The first was for the actual show. And the second was for the monologue rehearsals. It’s been said (I’ve never been to one of the show’s rehearsals myself) that a rehearsal is just as amazing as the real show. Either way, if you didn’t get tickets, you will be bummed as you’ll be watching from home.

Where will Jimmy Fallon tape the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Super Bowl show?

One of the most amazing places in Minneapolis is being highlighted this year with the show. The Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis is where the fans will gather to watch this epic entertainer. The theater, known for seating over 2,500 people, opened in the 1920s. One of the theater staples in Minneapolis, the well-known institution is the perfect location for a little comedy (and a national spotlight).

Is it still possible to get Jimmy Fallon Super Bowl tickets 2018? Or should I say Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tickets for the Super Bowl 2018? Maybe, but you need to be very persistent. It would also help if you knew someone!

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