Jodi Jill’s 2013 Review: 5 celebrity feuds that made headlines

Celebrity feuds in 2013 are plentiful. The always entertaining spats include the fans who watch the back and forth intently. In 2013, there were so many moments to choose from we had to pick the top five and we barely scraped the surface.

What’s different about a celebrity feud versus a layman fight? Well, it has the megaphone approach and the world hears every word in stereo. Plus the fans weigh in so what started as something decent turns into a ridiculous feud among the fan bases. And everyone points at everyone. Crazy? Perhaps, but then again that’s what makes headlines!

Here’s some of the best celebrity feuds in 2013:

Kanye West versus Jimmy Kimmel. Kanye flew off the handle after the talk show host made fun of the rapper. After a slew of Twitter posts, the two hugged it out on live television during Jimmy Kimmel Live. No fists were thrown, but there was plenty of people pointing at the rapper’s ridiculous response as Kimmel makes fun of everyone.

Miley Cyrus versus Sinead O’Connor. Miley Cyrus gave a shout out to Sinead on Twitter and it started a whole feud. While some might want to retweet a recent Twitter post, Cyrus retweeted a message that was old and during a time when O’Connor was having personal issue. Refusing to apologize for the implications, it was Miley who ignored Sinead and didn’t even acknowledge the shade she gave the star.

Lady Gaga versus Perez Hilton. There back and forth in 2013 has fans seeing some seriously negative press over the former relationship between the star and the blogger. It’s been interesting to watch, but everyone knows that it’s not over.

Alec Baldwin versus All the New York City Paparazzi. Alex Baldwin has had his share of trouble with the paparazzi. Fans know that celebrities are stalked, but Alec Baldwin’s response has been nothing shorter than a mad as hell hornet. From nasty language and other stuff has everyone shocked in some way.

Hollywood feuds in 2013

Hollywood feuds in 2013

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