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Jodi Jill speaking engagements

Jodi Jill is an enthusiastic and experienced speaker who inspires. Comfortable sharing her story of her childhood and reflecting on her life journey to an established celebrity columnist, she is passionate on stage. She enjoys speaking to people at conferences, organizations and groups and to help inspire, motivate, and reveal the best in life. While sharing portions of her journey in life, Jodi Jill has inspired others to follow their dreams in every aspect of their lives. Jodi Jill is a passionate speaker that connects with audiences, while motivating individuals. Her speaking engagements take her around the country.

 Sample speaking topics are described below. Many of her talks have supplemental materials and the message can be catered to your event for personal attention. For information on Jodi’s speaking services, please contact us. CONTACT



079“Jodi’s talk was fun, inspiring and worthy of the booking. We hope to bring her back in 2014! — Melissa Franklin, director of nonprofit

“Without hesitation we recommend! 45 minutes of fun for our group and we want more.” Susan Campbell, MOMS group coordinator

“Jodi Jill was brilliant in sharing her life. Offering a glimpse of hope to anyone who has come from a bad situation, she is exceptional.” Shelia Myers, conference direction 


Topics Include:
literacyJodi Jill speaking engagementsJodi Jill speaking engagements


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Jodi JillSo why consider Jodi Jill for your next speaking engagement? Engaging and passionate, Jodi connects with attendees with a contagious straight forward approach. Motivating by example and offering her expertise while caring about the audience, the connection she brings to any conference hall will be remembered.

Willing to travel around the country, Jodi finds the opportunity to share her knowledge with others a jubilant part of her job.