Justin Bieber’s ‘Recovery’? New single release: ‘Sunday at Midnight’

Justin Bieber Recovery

Justin Bieber Recovery

Justin Bieber’s Recovery has fans are getting ready for another big music weekend. The entertainer reminded fans on Friday that he will be releasing a new single on Sunday and there is no doubt it will be another chart topper.

“Sunday at Midnight. #Recovery,” tweeted Justin Bieber from his official Twitter account. The entertainer has fans excited about the upcoming Believe movie (set to be released on Christmas Day) and to celebrate he is releasing more new music.

Along with music, the star is also releasing more clips from the movie. Looking to reveal how this movie is different than his last move called Never Say Never, the artist is opening up his life further and the cameras catch a new side of the entertainer.

The gifts Justin Bieber fans are getting this holiday season is worthy of paying attention as the music and access to the star is unprecedented!

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